Latest Intervarsity News02-12-2014

Here's the latest from Drake InterVarsity.

Hi, all! 

First, I wanted to follow up after teaching the Sociology class last week. What a blast!! From what I could tell students enjoyed themselves and a number of them lingered after class to talk. They had great questions at the end but my very favorite was from a girl who was staring me down during my entire talk. After class she came up to me and said "Why Jesus?" "Why not Buddah or this or that, etc....(she rattled off many names and new age philosophies)...why did you pick Jesus?" Haha...what a beautiful question!! I was able to explain that I did choose to follow Jesus but really He picked me. I was able to share about how he loves the broken and messed up and people who need redemption and purpose. I noticed that she was someone who looked hard and like she'd been through a lot...and I was able to explain that Jesus makes the invisible people visible and gathers the hurt, wounded, outcast, etc.....her face and tone moved from skepticism to a big 'ol grin! And what a joy it was to answer her question!! She later added me as a friend on facebook :) I can't wait to continue to relationship with that class and professor. Thank you for your prayers!

 Second, I want to ask for more prayer! Please pray for me this weekend as I load up 12 sorority and fraternity students to go to InterVarsity's Greek Conference in Indianapolis (Friday through Sunday). We're taking some of our leaders but at least 5 are people that I don't know well and haven't been really involved in Greek IV or InterVarsity in general but wanted to go!! So, pray for God to transform us and for them to get a bigger vision for the Greek system at Drake being a place where God is worshipped! Tonight was our first Greek InterVarsity meeting of the semester. Classes and evening events were cancelled at Drake but the student leaders insisted we still have Greek IV....21 people braved the snow to walk across campus and hear a Jesus story!! And 5 of them were brand new! And 7 of them were MEN!!! We've only had about 3-4 guys who come regularly to Greek IV. And it was all completely student led...peers encouraging and praying for their peers! Just one year ago at this time these students were still having me share each week because they were all too scared to lead people into discussions about faith! Now they don't even need me! God is so good. 

Thank you for your support and prayers as we continue to see God's Kingdom come on campus and in our city! 

Much love,