Kid Cafe Success07-06-2016

What a month June was! Kid Cafe every Friday and VBS to top it all off! 

Just wanted to share a few final thoughts about Kid Cafe. We tried something totally new-- an outreach like we've never done before, and in a place we've never spent time before--and it was really successful! We grew steadily each week, reaching up to 70 people on week 3 with water day fun and then an estimated 150 on week 4, which included lots of VBS families. People received healthy lunches, new friendships, and hopefully a lot of fun each week-- and it was wonderful that people came back every week! A number of families and kids were there all 4 weeks and we had 3 or 4 families at VBS that we met at Kid Cafe! Also some people from Kid Cafe were at our Swim Night and a number of the Indian women and their little ones are planning to come to our mom and tots Messy Play! 

I heard about multiple conversations people had inviting people to church/pre-school/swim night/VBS/messy play, etc.  You all did a great job mingling with new people and engaging in great conversations! 

It was so successful that if we had the time and energy and manpower to keep going in July, we would! For now, we're not going to keep going every Friday but we want to do some intentional events at the park in the future to keep connections and a presence in that park. Put July 22nd on your calendars, as we'll be doing a big Glow Night at the park with lots of evening fun for kids and families!