Update from Diamond Willow Ministries 09-16-2015

Rod Vaughn, Executive Director of Diamond Willow Ministries at Fort Thompson, South Dakota, recently shared the following:



Here is a little update.  We had the first weekly Tuesday night Dorm Bible study of the year last night at the Crow Creek Tribal Schools.  There was an excited and attentive group of SIXTY in attendance! 


We met in the main school gymnasium from 6:00 to 8:00. We followed the same format as used in the past and played basketball, volleyball (next week we will bring the 9-square)and did lots of visiting; reconnecting with past students, and forming relationships with the new students.  At 7:00 we took a break and had something to eat and drink and had the Bible devotional.  This year we are going to be focusing squarely on the person of Jesus Christ.  Many of the students, particularly some from other reservations, have never “been to church” and have very little factual understanding of Christianity at all.  What an amazing opportunity we have.


It is so exciting that this door of opportunity remains open.  Please pray for the openness of the students to receive the Gospel.


In Christ,



Rod Vaughn

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